Muddy Brook Flood & Erosion

Flooding - Sept 2018

Below are images and videos submitted by Neighbors: before, during and after Flooding

Around the Neighbohood

Car Passengers being rescued on Greens Farms Road and Center St.

Barnes & Noble Parking lot + Greens Farms Elementary blocked driveway

Morningside Drive in front of Greens Farms Elementary

Collapsed culvert at Barnes & Nobles Parking lot (school side)

Bridge on Hillandale Road

87 Hillandale Road

Normal, before flooding

During flooding - Sept 2018

Erosion and Damage

3A and 5 Iris Lane

Before and After the trees were put down by the Developer

The Greens Farms Elementary School and the Historic District could not be seen (even during the Winter) due to beautiful mature trees. Today they can, the privacy the neighbors had is gone. 

The trees were so dense it looked like a dark forest. That used to be the deer population habitat

The grass is now a swamp, and erosion is everywhere. Trees are constantly falling due to rotten roots.

The soil used to be firm and grass was cut every week. Soil has turned into mud, so grass cutting machine can no longer be used. New canals are opening up everywhere. residents are afraid part of their land will be washed away.

Another view of what used to be a firm soil area with grass— new canals forming every month, soil that turned into mud, and moss everywhere.

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