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Hot on the heels of the Planning & Zoning Commission’s denial of an application for construction of a 6-story, 81-unit apartment complex between Lincoln and Cross Streets, off Post Road West, comes news of a new plan, on the other side of town.

This one is smaller: just 19 units. As with other applications — Post Road West, Wilton Road and Hiawatha Lane, for example — this one includes an 8-30(g) element. That’s shorthand for the state statute that encourages “affordable” housing — and makes it harder for town officials to deny the request.

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Developers sue over denied application

By Sophie Vaughan

 Updated 12:59 pm EST, Friday, February 9, 2018

WESTPORT — The town’s Historic District Commission voted to deny approval for construction of a new house on a historic property in Greens Farms, and now the developers have filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the decision.

Greens Farms Developers LLC, which for the last several months sought Historic District Commission approval for construction of a new house at 20 Morningside Drive South, filed an appeal against the HDC’s decision in State Superior Court in Stamford on Jan. 31.

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